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Coach for actors, directors and young talents

Q and A with Susan Batson about her work as an acting coach

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Susan Batson

In The Fire

Director Daphne Charizani is shooting her next film In The Fire end of September 2018 in Greece. Th last weeks we have been working together preparing the shooting. I am looking forward to seeing the film on screen. 

I don't love you anymore!

directed by Max Färberböck for the German ZDF. Young actress Geraldine Schlette (11 years) plays a difficult and important role in this film. Since two years she we have been working on different parts she has been playing in theatre. Now, finally, her dream come true and she can act in front of the camera. She is very proud. (Me, too, a bit.) 

When Hitler stole pink rabbit

I had the pleasure to work with Carla Juri on her character in "When Hitler stole pink rabbit" by Judith Kerr, directed by Caroline Link. The most famous and tender children´s book on the exile during Second World War in Germany. 

Sophie Dahl

North German Detective Story

In the North German detective story the leading actress Sophia Dal always eventually manages to find the murderer. We worked together preparing the shooting.

Der Läufer

Der Läufer (The Runner) by Hannes Baumgartner

will have its Worldwide Opening Night at the San Sebastian Filmfestival (sept. 21.29, 2018) and later on in Switzerland at the Zurich Film Festival (sept. 27 - 7 oct, 2018)
I was involved as acting coach in the preparation phase. A tough film based on a true story.
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Annabelle Mandeng, known as presenter und will be acting as EVA  in the new film Berlin Alexanderplatz by Burhan Qurbani. I coached her and I must say I am impressed by her openness, emotional depth and physical presence on screen. And it was good fun to work with her, too!

Der Film Pelikanblut von Katrin Gebbe wird im Sommer 2018

in Bulgarien gedreht und ich habe das Vergnügen mit Katrin Gebbe und Nina Hoss bei der Vorbereitung mit dabei zu sein.

5vor12 (BR)

“Your Coaching paid off well!
Tomorrow we will get the Grimme-Preise for the series:
Thank you so much for the precious support."
Niklas Weise

"Berlin Alexanderplatz" by Burhan Qurbani

will be shot in a modern version this summer 2018. I am coaching the leading actor Welket Bungué as a dialect coach, because he has to speak in German and English in this film. His mother tongue is Portuguese! I am looking forward to see this film when it is finished. The script is already very promising.

In the international film production "Gomera" by Cornelia Porumboiu

(Sp - En - Romanian) I am coaching Antonio Buil. Here I work with him on his English and his character. Antonio is Spanish, but lives in Switzerland, so English is really a challenge for him. He is amazing. In the film they speak a language I have never heard of before... but I cannot talk about it yet. Fascinating.

"Two in the Wrong Movie" by Laura Lackmann

with the wonderful Laura Tonke come into the German speaking cinemas end of May. It was the opening film at the Film Festival "Achtung Berlin 2018". The audience was enjoying it clearly. I worked with Laura Tonke as a coach and supported her in her research for this role. It was tricky to find the right balance between comedy and intensity for this type of film. She did it amazingly well. Like always. Funny and truthful, with ease and yet intense. Just great.

21.03.2018 Heimatland auf SRF

Bei Heimatland habe ich in zwei Episoden die Schauspieler gecoacht. Es ist ein interessantes Experiment gewesen und ich finde die Filme sehenswert.

Bei Der Läufer von Hannes Baumgartner habe ich bei den Vorbereitungen auf den Dreh als Coach mitgeholfen. Das ist kein Film für schwache Nerven, und da er auf reale Ereignisse beruht, ist es umso aufwühlender. Mutig.

"Massive Dreams"- a project for dancers created by choreographer Antje Velsinger.

During rehearsals in January and February 2018 I coached the dancers and helped them express their intimate needs through body and speech. It is very exciting for me to work with dancers. We all have the same goal, to be truthful and precise and to express our vision of todays world. The means of expression are different but the need is the same.


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